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Why Choose The Flying Locksmiths?

The Flying Locksmiths Inc, is an all-inclusive security provider. We encompass services ranging from antique locks and keys, all the way to card access systems, full door replacements, panic devices, door closers and fully integrated master key systems. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide incredibly fast service throughout Massachusetts, while maintaining a friendly-family like atmosphere. We consider our company to be a blend of old school ideals, and new age technology, resulting in a mix that offers the latest and best tech with a friendly neighborly smile. If it’s on your door, we will service it. Regardless if it’s as old as the house itself or if you are looking for a fully loaded Card Access System, we have you covered.

We consider it vital, that all and any means of communications are utilized at our offices in Randolph and Braintree. You can reach us by e-mail 24/7, through our website by our contact page or through any social media platform you desire. Go ahead and schedule a job through Facebook or Twitter! We are here, when you need us, entirely at your convenience. We even keep an updated blog with some of the newest products you may be interested in, with detailed information on pricing and installation.

We are family owned and operated since 1946. William McMenimon founded the company, and passed it down to his sons, many successful years later. With each generation, we have seen new growth  in service range, and response time. But more importantly, we stayed true the value that have kept us in business for so long. Choose us for your security needs and you will not be disappointed!

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Door Closers are a vital operational component of any door. Essentially, if the door is not closing, nothing works! A door closer is probably one of the most important components on the door and we here at The Flying Locksmiths, feel it is important for our customers to understand how they work and what they do. We repair replace and upgrade all kinds of door closers, so if you want to upgrade or just repair an existing door closer, give us a call.

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