5 Ways To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Phony Locksmiths


I will make this as simple as possible for anyone trying to find a locksmith and is concerned about being ripped off. If you follow these steps, you should ultimately find a reputable locksmith who you can trust with your security needs. Just follow these five steps and you will be all set!

  1. Don’t click on the Google advertisements! I am not saying people who use Google Adwords are phony locksmiths, but that is where the phony locksmiths are most heavily saturated. Hence, just avoid the ads altogether and concentrate on the organic results.
  2. Listen when they answer the phone. If they just say “locksmith”, without a company name. Hang up and call someone else. Legitimate companies will answer the phone with their full name.
  3. Ask for a physical address and verify it on Google maps. It should take less than 5 minutes to ask the company where they are located and then type it into Google and confirm it.
  4. Make sure they are who they say they are. Here, at The Flying Locksmiths, we had a guy posing as one of our employees. He was even leaving receipts with our name on it:
  5. Don’t fall for the $15 -$30 low service call fee. No legitimate locksmith is going to perform a service call for that low of a cost. We all know how expensive gas is these days and the person coming to your home is usually paid hourly. $15-$30 is just unrealistic and a classic sign of the “bait and switch.”



It ended up almost costing this really, nice guy $300 for a new knoblock. Luckily he called us fast enough and we cancelled the check. But just because they say they are from a certain company, doesn’t mean they actually are. Ask for a business card. Look for a uniform and a van with company information on it. If they don’t have credentials or anything with a company logo/header on it, call the cops and report it!

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