Summa’ Summa’ Time!


Here at the home office we have been dealing with what only New Englanders can understand and that is spring. One day the sun is shining and the next we are looking out for flurries. Yet we have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel and summer is upon us. For a true TFL’er that can only mean 2 things, semiannual door maintenance and your local summer concert series! With your door maintenance, you can save yourself pain and hassle in the future by catching things early. Ensuring all hinges are tight, door closers working properly, and Detex’s are powered up are the key. Once you do this you can treat yourself to a day of fun at your local concert venues. And who needs to be worrying about their keys in their pockets when you are jamming out when you can simply install a keyless access entry way for your home.

If you’re going to be in the Chicago area early August, make sure to get your ticket for the one and only Lollapalooza. Tickets are mainly sold out due to high anticipation, but you can still snag some seats and get to enjoy the epic lineup of over 100 different artists during the 3 day’ bonanza. Artist from Chance the rapper to Cage the Elephants will be headlining the shows, with a diverse range of up and comers that will fill any festival lovers niche. Partake in their “Chow Town” which is put on by Chicago’s own Graham Elliot that has the Windy City’s best of the best food, drink and sweets. Walk around and enjoy what the local business offer knowing that your business is secure during your time off. Schedule your semiannual door maintenance with our Chicago branch, brothers Sam and Paul Toh. Their certified technicians can fly on over to ensure all the basics of your doors are up to standard and save you money in the end by catching leaky closers or faulty Detex alarms before they become an issue. While they are onsite, ask them to give you a quote on total door and frame replacement, because the door to your business is the gateway to your success.

With a concert name like Summerfest, you know this festival series in Milwaukee, WI is going to be a fire of a time. This epic session takes place during the weekends of June 28-July 2 and July 4-9, 2017, and with all the star power in play they will be lucky to cram the jams into just those couple days. Did someone say Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan! There is no wonder why it is listed as one of the world’s largest concerts, the venue being along the serene waterfront of the 75-acre Henry Maier Festival Park. The 12 various stages around the park will be celebrating the festivals 50th anniversary. The longevity of the event attributes to its success. Its tried and true, like The Flying Locksmiths 70 years in business. We look forward to our very own Milwaukee, WI branch slated to open this summer! Call John Henderson to help you out when your locked out of your home, looking to renovate your business with access control, or need to set up a master key system! If you’re not sure what is the right fit for you in terms of security, he will be happy to walk you through all your options and take the stress off your plate so you can sit back and enjoy your summer!

Our Seattle customers are in for a fun filled day at the Bumbershoot festival. They have an eclectic lineup that includes Flume, Lorde, Weezer, Big Sean and more.  Known to be one of the biggest art and music festivals in the US, attendees can come check out the multinational expos in Seattle renowned Seattle center. Set yourself free with not a care in the world, not even a set of keys in your pocket. Card access systems are the way of the future, and even better keyless entry ways for your home. Keep your “key” in your wallet or the punch code in your brain, and all this is one stop shop at our The Flying Locksmiths of Seattle branch. From assessment to installation, James and Becky Kung will ensure you have the best fit for either your home or business. Most people wouldn’t consider the option of a keyless entry way for their home due to the standing comfort of a key, but it is much easier and convenient then one would think. Give them a call to schedule today.

Summer time is all about cutting loose and enjoying yourself. Set yourself free with your semiannual door maintenance and an upgrade of your security system. You are one step closer to summer bliss, just give us a call and Buzz will be on his way.

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