High Security Keys

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High security keys are more than just a prevention against physical attacks. They will make it extremely difficult for a burglar or thief to break in, but they provide businesses with a much more valuable commodity – key control.

Unauthorized key duplication is something that constantly occurs, without employers knowledge. What is preventing one of your employees from heading down to the nearest key kiosk and making a couple copies of you front door key? If you do not have a restricted keyway, the answer is nothing! Even if the key is stamped “do not duplicate”, it can still be copied and is considered nothing more than a useless attempt at key control. The only way to truly prevent someone from copying a key, is by giving them a key, that literally – can’t be copied!

Almost every locksmith will have their own version of a restricted high security key. Some may use a product like Schlage’s “Primus” or Kaba Ilco’s “Kaba Peaks”, and although they are different in unique ways, they all provide the highest level of key control possible. These keys are only accessible through the locksmith that provided them and require some form of identification, in order to make duplicates. Sometimes you really have to jump through hoops to get copies of the keys, but ultimately, that’s the point.

By only authorizing a select number of individuals to duplicate keys, you can eliminate the chance that additional copies are being made somewhere else. Here at The Flying Locksmiths, we will authorize whomever you choose, but we need a special authorization card each time you make a duplicate, no exceptions. Without the card, the keys will not be made. ┬áThat’s the rules and that’s why we can ensure exact key counts and only authorized high security key duplication.


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