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In the many adventures of Sherr Lock Holmes and Dr.Watson Keys, our detectives stumble upon bewildering situations. Under their cape and cap, they bust out their trusty magnifying glass and Allen key to use observation and logical reasoning to solve each mystery on their schedule. Their traveling workshop gives them the necessary tools to crack each case, and with the power of The Flying Locksmiths behind them, it is “elementary, my dear customers!”

The Case of the Dogged Doorway

In our first case, our detectives stumbled upon a home with a front door that does not shut properly. Could it be the lock? Could it be the door in the frame? We see that you must push or pull very hard to get it open. We observe the “rub marks” on the frame by examining the top, side, or even threshold at the bottom.

“Aha my dear Watson, I see that this door is rubbing at the top. One would surmise the answer to this mystery is to install a continuous hinge and adjust the door!”

Our detectives get to work at once, and within an efficient time they install and adjust, and now the door shuts properly with ease. Another job well done.

Sherr Lock Holmes and the Horrible Hatchway

Next, our detectives jump in their TFL-mobile and arrive at a retail facility with a door that has gone terribly wrong. As Sherr Lock and Watson approach, the first clue presents itself; this horrible hatchway is covered in a dark fluid. No self-respecting customer wants to walk through this pile of grudge to get to the goods they desire. It’s up to our team to find out what is going on.

After closely examining the fluid’s properties and locating its source, they conclude it must be hydraulic fluid leaking from a door closer! What luck they have for finding this issue before it’s too late! For now, the business owner won’t have to worry about their door slamming and scaring away their customers!

The Mystery of the Misbehaving Master Key!

Our detectives must execute their reasoning skills when solving The Mystery of the Misbehaving Master Key! Many times, our customers will hand over an existing Master Key system and we must decipher which keys go where and how many copies have been created. This is where true detective work comes in handy. Sometimes the Master Key will work correctly, other times, there could be two Master keys that only work for a portion of the site. It is up to Sherr Lock Holmes to determine, what key goes where and how to correct the issue.

There are truly endless stories to be told through the eyes of a Flying Locksmith detective technician. Each call we take is a puzzle to be solved. What is the customer looking for? In what timely fashion can it be done? The answer to these questions is through questioning. “How may we help you today?” is where we start to navigate our story. Through conversation, we obtain our clues. No matter how perplexing the problem, our deductive reasoning, and unwavering patience always lead us to a solution.

Sherr Lock Holmes and Dr. Watson Keys will return, so stay tuned to The Flying Locksmiths blog!

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