Commercial door being rekeyed.

How Often Should A Business Rekey Their Locks?

When you run an office building, there are dozens of locks for doors, file cabinets, and much more. Each of these locks is opened with a key, and these keys are often accessed by numerous employees and contractors within the workplace. Changing the locks every time someone has access to your keys is impossible. Rekeying each time an employee leaves can be expensive and inefficient, especially for larger companies. So how do you determine when your office should rekey its locks?

Our Recommendation

If there is no immediate risk to your offices, it is still a good idea to rekey your locks with some degree of consistency. Caution is always strongly recommended, as it’s possible for simple mistakes to become serious security threats. 

We recommend businesses rekey their locks anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. You can base this decision on a few factors such as the turnover rate at the company, how easy the keys are to copy (ie, are they high-security keys?), the value of what you’re trying to protect. The more these factors present security threats the more regularly you should be rekeying your locks.

Situations When You Should Rekey the Locks Immediately

There are some situations where it is important to rekey your locks right away. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Someone that should not have access to your key may have access.
  • Someone that has left the company or touched the key is a security risk.
  • Someone has already broken into your property.
  • If you have any reason to believe that there is a risk to any of your locks or keys, rekeying them right away should be your first priority.

Key Alternatives

Every time someone touches one of these keys, there is a risk that they made a copy that they can use for nefarious purposes in the future. In an ideal world, you would be able to use a key card or electronic access system to change the locks frequently, so that no one can ever make a copy of your key without your knowledge. Additionally, most access systems keep a record log of entry and can be instantly adjusted for your businesses’ individual needs.

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