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How to Onboard a New Employee Into Your Access Control System

Openpath is an access control system that can give property managers the ability to easily add new users, get rid of old users and adjust the access given to existing users. If you run a business and use Openpath as your access control system, you’ll want to make sure your facility is secure at all times and that employees are given access or restricted as necessary.

While this may seem like a daunting task, Openpath makes it easy to onboard new employees so that you can take care of this on their first day on the job.

How to Onboard a New Employee:

  1. Use a Guest Pass: To get your employee in the building on their first day, send them a guest pass which they can access through a web browser. Once they get into the building in this secure way, they can get started on a permanent access solution.
  2. Point Out Entries & Exits: Give your new employee details about their access throughout the building, whether that’s the entire building or only certain areas. Be sure to show them all of the entries and exits they can use.
  3. Provide Security Training: The next steps depend on if you want employees to use Openpath’s mobile app or if you plan on providing them with an encrypted key card or fob. For an employee with a key card or fob, go ahead and issue this to the employee early in their first day and show them how to use it. If you want to use mobile access, follow the next steps.
  4. Download the App: Ask the new employee to download the free Openpath app for their mobile phone or Apple watch. This cloud-based system can take the place of key cards, keys or fobs. Make sure they create a digital badge to add a visual component to the verification process.
  5. Provide an Entry Tutorial: Show the new employee how to use the touchless unlocking system or give them details about automatic entry. Openpath should be able to recognize an authorized employee even if their phone is in a pocket, backpack or purse.
  6. Make Changes as Necessary: As your employees take on new job duties, switch their focuses or move to other opportunities, use Openpath’s convenient software to seamlessly change their access settings.

Deciding on an onboarding process ahead of time can make it easy to keep your employees safe at all times, even during personnel changes. If you want us to install Openpath for your facility or help you develop an onboarding process, call your team at The Flying Locksmiths today! We would be happy to help you keep your building secure and provide you with a free assessment or quote.