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Locksmith Evolution: Security Cameras

While security threats become more complex, so does security technology. The team at The Flying Locksmiths stays up to date on all of the industry’s leading and newest advancements to bring homeowners and businesses the latest, most reliable security equipment. From audio capabilities to facial recognition, we can find security solutions that meet the challenges posed by today’s security threats.

Remote Access

Remote, mobile access to security cameras is more important than ever. Fortunately, 24/7 access to security footage is possible with today’s security technology. Today’s cameras allow you to view and control security cameras from afar on a mobile device, like a phone or laptop, to ensure that things are running as they should. Plus, many security cameras offer additional features, such as motion sensor notifications, so you know when to tune in.

Facial Recognition 

No matter how many employees, tenants or visitors you have, facial recognition can be a helpful tool for identifying those visiting your property. While facial recognition used to be expensive, this type of security tech can now be utilized by businesses with budgets of all sizes. High resolution can even enable you to take a closer look at small details like identifying clothing and license plates.

Audio Functions

Audio for security cameras is far more than just a way to listen to visitors and find out what’s happening at your front door. In fact, today’s security cameras can be integrated with your access control system to act as a two-way speaker system, as they can be connected to your intercom. Audio is also an essential part of capturing video, in case you need the footage later on.

Upgrade Your Security Cameras 

The experts at The Flying Locksmiths would be happy to share what we’ve learned about today’s leading security cameras and their many features. Whether you want to invest in a new system or you simply want to upgrade the one you have, we encourage you to call us today and tell us more about your security needs.