Male hand using smartphone for sensor scanning. Infrared sensor technology for automatic door access and security.

Why Your Facility Needs Mobile Access Control

Why Your Facility Needs Mobile Access Control

Mobile access control allows commercial facilities the ability to access, view, and manage the physical access within their building utilizing the technology already in their pockets. Mobile access control systems like the Kisi or PDK lets you utilize smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices to function as user credentials, replacing the need for keypads, fobs, or keycards.

Advantages For Commercial Facilities

Convenience For Employees and Staff: The majority of individuals operating within your facility will likely have a smart device of some sort whether that be a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. By integrating mobile access control systems you allow users to repurpose their current technology. This consolidates hardware and reduces hassles such as forgotten or lost keycards.

Hands-free Entry: Depending on the mobile access control system you choose to implement, the range on the devices can be set to allow for entry without pulling the device out of a pocket, creating a hassle-free entry system.

Manage User Level Access From Your Phone: If users and access levels are consistently changing it can be difficult to manage with traditional security systems. However, mobile access control systems can be updated quickly and easily from your mobile device remotely. Whether you are in the office or not, you have complete control of your facility.

Mobile Alerts: Set up automatic text or email alerts to notify you about various user or entryway events in your facility.

Cloud-Based Solutions  

There are a few cloud-based mobile access control solutions on the market. Finding a solution that fits the needs of your facility is important. KISI® is a popular mobile access control system that utilizes cloud-based storage. Adding users is as easy as typing an email. Similarly, PDK offers a variety of mobile access control solutions including hands-free access control. Users can access doorways without even pulling their phones out.

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