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Why Can’t Service Companies Give You An Exact Time Of Arrival?


We all hate service windows. If we could get an exact time of arrival, we could get some other things done and not have to wait around all day for the work to be completed. Personally, I was shocked when the cable company told me a installer would arrive between 12-5 on my service date. It was beyond frustrating to be stuck in the house, not wanting to leave, out of fear of missing my installer and going a few more days without any television or internet connection. So, why can’t service companies like cable installers, plumbers, electricians and locksmiths give you a time of arrival instead of a service window?

The answer is actually easy! Being in the service business myself, I can honestly tell you, that it is just, flat-out, impossible. There are so many different factors that can effect an estimated time of arrival, that to even make a guess is pointless. 

  • Traffic
  • Car Troubles
  • Previous jobs taking longer than expected
  • Previous jobs cancelling
  • Personal troubles with technicians

The list goes on and on. Any one of these problems can cause delays or even make us earlier than originally expected. Maybe you want a technician at 10:00 but traffic is extremely light one morning and I-95 is moving along and the technician shows up too early. Or it’s the exact opposite and I-93 is a parking lot. Now, you might be thinking: “Why  not just check the traffic reports” and that you can easily get to your doctors appointment on time in the morning. But what if you had to be at 6-8 doctors appointments in one day? Do you think you would make it to each appointment exactly when you expected? Even if you could, what if one of those 6-8 doctors was running late or wanted to do something else during your visit, that wasn’t initially expected?

Now, this is not a blog to explain to you why we are late or early and to make excuses for it. That’s not we do at The Flying Locksmiths. Instead, we find a solution to the problem! We actually found that one of our biggest complaints was the lack of communication from dispatch to our customers in regards to the time our tech would arrive. So, knowing full well that giving an exact time of arrival was impossible, we came up with a better idea.

If we can’t tell you EXACTLY when our technician will arrive, we can at least tell you when he is coming and narrow down the waiting window. As long as the lines of communication are open, our customers are free to go about their day and not have to wait – like I did for the cable company. Our dispatch team can now notify customers by text, phone, or email when the technician departs for their location. So, instead of having to sit at home waiting for them, go run errands, have lunch, or go for a walk because we will let you know when we are on the way:

boston locksmith service times 2

boston locksmith service time 3

It’s amazing how a little “tweak” like this has improved a nagging problem in our service industry. We understand that everyone’s time is valuable. I wasted an entire day waiting for that cable company. Why should our customers waste an entire day waiting for their locksmith?

Call us today to schedule your next service call and we promise, you will know when we are coming, and you won’t be disappointed!


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