Broken Locks: The Inadequacy of Modern locks.

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With all the technological advancements today, why do homes and business still rely on such primitive ways to stay secure?

Remember the old skeleton keys? The ones that were extremely large and quite difficult to operate? Well locks have really evolved since then. Deadbolts and door knobs last a lot longer and are really easy to operate, just put your key in and turn. The industry has become standard too. The only difference between the lock on one store front to another store, is the key that operates it. This makes them more serviceable and easier to find replacement parts when they eventually break down.

But are these new locks as technologically advanced as the rest of our society? The answer is “no.” Today, we have the ability to carry thousands of songs in our pockets, watch movies on our phones, find a Japanese recipe from someone who is actually IN Japan. We even have foam developed by NASA to use as mattresses, yet we keep all of this “safe” by locking our doors with standardized locks that were purchased at a local hardware store.

It’s strange, to say the least, why security is only an after thought instead of a fore thought. A little extra preparation and money can save a lot of headaches and hassle further down the road. Card Access is the wave of the future. This limits whom can go where and at what times. With the ability to do this, and the installation of some modern day QUALITY locks, your business or home can stay as update as your cell phone or even your mattress. Many home owners are even switching to locks that require codes instead of keys.

Can you afford to keep locking your business or home the same way you have been for 10 or 15 years? Are you confident that the lock on your front door is going to stop an intruder? Don’t you think it’s time to maybe “upgrade” your locks?

This is something we at The Flying Locksmiths have been doing for years. If you want to upgrade we can help. But, in effort to keep people better informed, here are a few brands we believe you should stay away from, when purhasing locks for your home:

1. Brinks. This brand is usually found in WalMart and is very inexpensive. If you are purchasing locks at WalMart, you should know they are terrible quality.

2. Kwikset. This brand is very common, but is severly lacking in the quality department. The tolerances within these locks is so loose, we train our apprentice locksmiths on these first, because they are so easy to open.

3. Defiant. See the explanation for Kwiket.

4. Schlage. We actually like Schlage locksets. They manufacturer some top quality hardware, but they also make a very cheap F Series lockset, that is low priced and bad quality.

However, not every lock in your home needs to be Grade 1, heavy duty locksets. For example, does the lock on your bathroom need the utmost security? Absolutely not. It just stops someone from walking in on you, when you are using the toilet. That being said, why not do what most of us locksmiths do? Keep exterior doors locked with a quality lockset, and keep interior doors shut with the cheap stuff. That way you are preventing an intruder from gaining entry to the house and not depleting your bank account to keep the family out of the bathroom!


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