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How do you improve business security?

If you are doing business with us already, chances are you have satisfactory operating code compliant hardware in use at your business, a key control system to prevent unauthorized key duplication, maybe an access control device to monitor arrivals and departures from offices or areas in the building, perhaps a safe or insulated file cabinet and maybe even an alarm…all are steps to being more secure.

The “systems integration” however is better secured with written documentation on how it all is supposed to operate and with specific instructions for managers and employees! You’ve heard the old saying, “Plan your work then work your plan.”The security and safety surrounding your business isa great place to demonstrate clear understanding! You have people, property, equipment, inventory, and information to protect. There are better security products available today, many at a terrific value to help you in your quest and we can help you with your options. 

First you must have a clear objective in mind. For example it is a common goal to reduce actual loss by installing steps to prevent future loss. In any business “loss” means a shrinking bottom line! Loss covers a wide berth! Stolen cash,
missing inventory, falsified time cards, inaccurate record keeping procedures, shoplifting, insurance fraud, unreported sales, service vehicle abuse, and much more…

Let’s look at what you can do…

Assessing Risk

Where are we? It means a walk-through, evaluating operations and identifying possible weaknesses.

Establishing Policies & Procedures
This is how we do it here! It’s evident through documentation- a written “here is how we do it here” for every aspect of your business-from how to handle cash and receipts to how to lock up at the close of business-if you do not have this, it must be developed.

Install Barriers
You can’t wish the problem away! Barriers include hardware, such as exit alarms, cameras, safes etc. as well as time clocks, money bags and a better communication plan. Barriers are installed to prevent loss not inhibit operations.

Publish, Train & Implement
Communication is the key! When written instruction is developed it must be published in a “company operating manual” and each employee is trained in his or her specific area or the whole. The system is tested and then any changes are implemented for all.

Audit Compliance
How are we doing? It’s critical. What good are making changes if you do not measure the success or failure? Anticipated results are charted and actual results compared…you will know where you are!

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