Evaluating Commercial Security Hardware – Can It Get Me A ROI?

Commercial Locksmith

Let’s say you have spent the least amount of money on an “economy brand” hydraulic device called a “door closer” to automatically close the back door of your building. You have had this device installed for efficiency, safety and security.

What are your expectations?

As a minimum, you anticipate the door will open and close reliably every time. You expect the door will latch so energy expenses are limited, and not challenged by the failure of the device to work properly. You expect the door to latch to prevent uninvited “guests” from entering or to prevent thievery through an open door (remember sometimes people steal because they can, opportunity is tempting…not because they are a thief!)

What if the door closer fails to operate as advertised and the door fails to latch, how much could you lose? Energy loss is calculable whether air conditioning or heat. Both can be expensive and negatively impact your bottom line. Security will suffer greatly if the door fails to latch properly. Materials loss can cause a lot of pain too for the bottom line; perhaps even cripple your business to bankruptcy!

Return on investment? The low-cost solution may save you money on the front-end solution but ultimately cost you thousands in real loss. Once you have identified potential loss, the prudent thing to do is investigate your options and we can help you decide the best form, fit and price for your budget. For the life of most commercial security hardware and key systems the single most expensive component over time is the cost of cut keys. The second most costly purchase is emergency service labor.

Most times when you “change your locks” you do so, on the spur of the moment and at the end of a day, it gets very costly!

You can minimize some of the anticipated cost by using patented key control products or commercial security hardware to prevent unauthorized key duplication. If used in conjunction with key control policies and procedures you can limit risk if you get the key or keys back when an employee leaves. However if you want to maximize security and minimize the budget to do so, interchangeable removable core is the way to go! You can save on costly trip charges and hourly rates of service providers by purchasing patent-protected key control IC Cores. The chief benefit is that you can change cores within seconds which is inherent in the design and immediately secure your facility.

The cost of patented IC Cores and Cut Keys is indeed more than the price for conventional cylinders and standard keys, but the security gained and the savings far outweigh the cost. This is a return on investment you do not want to miss!

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