Exit Device Spotlight: Marks M9900


Quality Exit Device:  $395.95

Here at The Flying Locksmiths, we are always looking for the best products possible, in terms of quality and price. There is always a cheaper option, but it usually involves sacrificing important manufacturing details that lessen the quality of the lock or part. So, we constantly find ourselves on the hunt for products that are affordable, but won’t break down after installation. That is why today’s blog is solely focused on the Marks M9900 Exit Device. 

Life safety codes require the use of exit devices in specific situations, and most codes prohibit the use of any other lock or mechanism on the door that would prevent the use of the device or confuse the user. The primary purpose of an exit device is to protect life safety by providing free egress to occupants of a building or room. These devices are designed for easy use, even in the dark. The independent testing laboratories that test them require that they be relatively easy to operate, so they can be used by small children and physically impaired adults.

The M9900 series exit device provides extreme durability for high impact applications such as schools, universities and other institutional or commercial buildings. These applications see much more traffic in and out the door, then other installations. The heavy-duty cast chassis provides superior durability, while the smooth reduced projection touchbar assembly, minimizes catch hazards. It operates smoothly and easily 100% of the time and is extremely durable. The partial length touchpad permits options such as dogging, meaning the bar can be left open during operational hours and locked back up during off times. A full complement of free wheeling lever trim is also available, which we keep in stock at our office in Randolph. 

Installation is fast and easily, which will save costs on labor charges. 



Features and Benefits:

– 1-3/4″ thick standard.
– Roller strike.

– Extruded Aluminum, 32D finish.
– Flush mounted beveled “Panic Protector” design.
– Stainless Steel 3/4″ throw.
– Stainless Steel 5/8″.
– Dogging feature: Allen Key (M9900).
– ANSI 156.3 (2001), requirements for Grade 1.
– 3 Hour Fire Rating.


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