File Cabinet Keys – Are They Missing?

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File cabinet and desk keys go missing quite frequently:

If you work in an office with multiple file cabinet keys and desk keys, you know all to well, that those keys are hard to hang onto. They are either misplaced, never given back, or break. All of which are, very common occurrences. What you may not know, if the plethora of resources available to you in this situation.

For the internet savvy office works, one resource that we have come to trust is will create keys for you, based on a small code imprinted on the face on the lock plug. Sometimes this can be hard to find, if you are not looking for it, but most office products will stamp a code, right where the key slides in. It will usually start or end with a letter, followed by a series of numbers. This code is your key code.

Not only is a great resource for getting file cabinet keys created by the code located on the lock, but they will also ship you replacement lock cylinders, if your existing ones are missing or broken.

But, what if the key code is missing or you do not want to install replacement locks yourself?

That is where The Flying Locksmiths come in. We also have the ability to generate keys by code. If for any reason, you can not wait for shipping from, our keys can be picked up, same day, at our office in Randolph, MA. We will also install new lock cylinders or manually fit keys to a cabinet that does not have a code through “impressioning.”

Impressioning is a method of fitting a key to a lock without taking the lock apart. Basically, here is how it works: A key blank is inserted into the lock, then turned to bind the pins. When the pins are binding, the key is wiggled or moved to produce marks on the blank. If a pin is at the shear line it will not bind, and no marking will occur. When marks are found, the places on the blank which have marks are then filed. The marking and filing process is repeated as necessary to produce a working key which raises all the pins to the shear line, thus opening the lock. Although this method isn’t as fast as creating a key by code for your file cabinet lock, it’s guaranteed to work.

Finally, if you have ordered parts online and can’t seem to install them correctly, The Flying Locksmiths will gladly install them for you. We just can’t warranty them, if we didn’t provide the actual part.

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