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The Flying Locksmiths

Experience Not Required

You Don’t Need to Be a Locksmith to Own Your Own Locksmithing Franchise. Owning a franchise is an investment opportunity with little risk and plenty of rewards. What stops many potential investors is the idea that there are numerous obstacles in the way of successfully operating a franchise. A lack of experience with franchises or… Read more about Experience Not Required

Male hand using smartphone for sensor scanning. Infrared sensor technology for automatic door access and security.

The Flying Locksmiths

Not Just Locks & Keys

How The Flying Locksmiths’ Services Have Evolved. The Flying Locksmiths opened for business as a simple yet dedicated locksmith in 1946. Since then, the security needs of our clients have evolved, and so have our services. Over the years, we have continued to expand our service area while keeping up with the latest advancements in… Read more about Not Just Locks & Keys

The Flying Locksmiths

The Increasing Need for Locksmiths & Commercial Security Specialists

Invest in a Stable, Growing Industry! Franchising a business, especially a business in a stable, evergreen industry, can be a lucrative and solid investment. If you’re considering franchising, the first step is selecting the right industry, one which continues to see growth. No matter your reasons for wanting to set off on a new entrepreneurial… Read more about The Increasing Need for Locksmiths & Commercial Security Specialists

The Flying Locksmiths

Be Your Own Boss

Why It’s the Perfect Time to Own a Franchise. After an uncertain year in many industries, filled with layoffs, furloughs and job-market upheaval, many people are wondering how they can invest in their career while limiting risk. Self-employment and owning your own business give you the freedom to be your own boss, but that freedom… Read more about Be Your Own Boss