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The General Lock Product Line: More Bang For Your Buck


Locks come in varying grades of quality. Schools, hospitals and Government buildings will typically purchase Grade 1 hardware, because the doors see a lot of activity and they need the hardware to last. Home depot, Lowes or local hardware stores will normally sell Grade 3 locksets, because the pricing is far less than a Grade 1 and for many consumers, price is the most important feature of the lock. But there is a middle ground. Grade 2 hardware is a step above what you will find in a hardware store, but far less expensive than Grade 1 hardware. Here at The Flying Locksmiths, we only sell Grade 2 hardware. Grade 1 is available upon request, but we feel Grade 2 is a great balance of the benefits between the two different types. 

For years we sold locks that were from a mix of manufacturers. We sold Arrow Deadbolts and Levers, LCN Door Closers, and Ilco key cylinders. Each manufacturer had different pros and cons and we felt they made certain products better than others, so we created our own “mix” of products that we could comfortably stand behind and warranty. However, that has changed in recent years, due to the emergence of the General Lock product line. General Lock is built on the foundation of CLARK Security Products, who is our main supplier. Over the course of half a century, CLARK has developed a treasured customer base of locksmiths and security professionals. General Lock is CLARK s house brand of door security hardware and is sold exclusively through CLARK. When we were given the different locks, closers and cylinders to test out, we were impressed with the quality. Each product was built extremely well and had many of the features, that locksmiths look for, in a particular product. General Lock really listened to the locksmith community and put together a great piece of hardware. 

But building a great piece of hardware wasn’t enough to sway us from the mix of brands we had created over the years. That is, until we saw the pricing! General Locks pricing was a good 15-20% less than the big name manufacturers. This was a savings we could pass down to our customers, without sacrificing any quality – whatsoever. So, it became a no-brainer!

We now exclusively sell the General Lock product line and we stand behind it 100%. You can find this locks installed throughout Boston and Massachusetts and we have yet to hear a complaint. Even in the tough New England weather, general Lock products are still standing strong!

If you are in the market to upgrade hardware, why not find out for yourself. We have done the research over the years and we know you will happy with the lock itself and the price when everything is said and done. 








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