Home Video Surveillance – Inexpensive and Mobile Friendly!

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Home Surveillance System: $495.95

When you think of a home surveillance system, the first thought that may pop into your mind, is how pricey it can be. Cameras are not cheap, and they require wiring, cabeling, and knowledgeable installers. While that may be true, Abus has brought us a product that solves all those issues. Introducing the Abus TVC16000 Camera! This is an ideal product for keeping an eye on the kids, dog, or just your house in general. It’s completely mobile friendly and can be accessed from an app on your iphone (demonstrated in the photo below). The best part, is that you can install it yourself!

mobile video camera

The TVAC16000 remote app enables you to access your ABUS 7“ home video set by remote over WiFi or internet for receiving live video on your smart phone.

You can easily add your home video set into your app by discovering available devices over integrated WiFi search tool. A particular highlight is the plug&play remote access provided by TVAC16000, which allows you to connect without any additional router configuration. This allows a flexible access to your TVAC16000 where ever you are.

You can choose to access all connected cameras of your TVAV16000 monitor and store snapshots to your smartphone or tablet device. The corresponding image is stored to the picture folder and can be sent out by using MMS or e-mail.

– Live viewing of all connected cameras from your TVAC16000 monitor
– Up to 2 simultaneous remote viewers per device
– Record snapshots to your smartphone or tablet
– Integrated WiFi search tool for easy device setup in your app
– Plug&Play Internet access

The complete set contains everything you need to put the product into operation: a wireless outdoor camera for 24/7 operation and a 7″ wireless monitor with an intuitive touchscreen for easy operation. Ideal for private homes, restaurants, offices, and small businesses. It is also easy to monitor a vacant vacation home using remote access. Large monitor, seamless images, easy operation The clear monitor image serves as a surveillance center. This allows you to keep an eye on everything. You operate the device with a user-friendly recorder menu on a touchscreen. This makes operation of the video set easy and fast. Recordings are made to an SD card in the monitor. Docking station: Remote access using the smart phone app Thanks to remote access, you always see what is going on – even when you are on the go. To do this, you only need to download the ABUS app and “park” the monitor in the docking station (which simultaneously charges the battery). As soon as the Internet connection is established, you can use the app to view live images of all cameras. Wireless digital encryption The image and sound are transmitted between the camera and monitor on a secure basis. This excludes the possibility of third parties viewing the images or listening in. Expandable to up to four wireless cameras The complete set includes the monitor and one wireless camera. The monitor can be connected with up to four cameras, so you can add up to three additional cameras.

Check out this video to learn more about a home video surveillance system!

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