Key Donations – Help Fight Hunger in MA


Imagine how many keys are laying around your home and office, that are old and don’t quite fit anything anymore. We all have them; those useless keys, sitting in the bottom of the junk drawer, just collecting dust. Now imagine taking those keys, your co-workers, your neighbors and relatives and adding them all to one big bucket. How quickly would that add up? What if we could get local locksmiths involved? With the amount of keys pouring through each lockshop on a daily basis, the numbers would be staggering! That’s why we are partnering with Keys for Hope, in an effort to eradicate hunger and provide food for those who need it most. Thanks to Ralph Greenburg, a local guy from Randolph,¬†this project is really starting to build momentum and make a difference in the surrounding communities.



“Unlocking hunger, one key at a time” is more than just a clever slogan. It’s a testament to how a small act, multiplied by several individuals, can make a massive difference in the fight against hunger. Here at The Flying Locksmiths, we are looking to get locksmiths across the country involved in this campaign. As locksmiths, we have unparalleled access to old keys, so we can make the biggest difference in this fight. By simply stockpiling mis-cuts, or donations from customers, we can change lives! In less than a month, we have successfully filled a 10 lb. bucket, without very little effort and the response from our customers has been overwhelming.

In actuality, almost everyone recognizes the fact, that they have old and unused keys laying around. We even had one facility manager, from The Volunteers of America, gather up all his old keys, which¬†completely filled a bucket! The point is, that the keys are out there, it’s just a matter of getting them to Keys For Hope. Together, we can make it happen.

For more information, please visit the Keys for Hope website:

We also accept all key donations at our Randolph office and encourage you to stop by anytime to drop them off. We’ll even make you an extra set of house keys, when you come in with a donation – no charge!



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