The Benefits of Wireless Intercoms

And Why Your Business Needs One

Intercom systems have been around for a while, improving security and communication, but systems these days have more advanced features like audio and video that businesses need. You may already have a wired intercom system for your business, or maybe you don’t have a system at all. Whatever the case, wireless intercom installation is one of the best ways to improve the safety of your tenants or employees, and the team at The Flying Locksmiths can help you enjoy the industry’s leading systems.

Intercoms work by creating two-way communication so that someone inside your building can communicate with someone outside it. We always recommend wireless instead of wired. Take a look at some of the reasons wireless intercom systems are the wise choice for businesses.

Convenient Installation
While wired systems require drilling and result in cables that are an eyesore, wireless intercoms don’t require running cables through your building, saving time and resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing final product.

Affordable Pricing
Since wired systems can involve additional cabling during installation and hardware before installation, a wireless system tends to be less expensive.

Easy to Upgrade
Once you upgrade to a wireless system, you’ll easily be able to make changes that help you keep up with the latest advancements in the industry to keep your property safe. This will save you time and money, as you won’t have to pay for a completely new system and wait for it to be installed when you want to make an upgrade in the future.

Whether your focus as a business owner is convenience, competitive pricing or increased safety, The Flying Locksmiths has you covered with the most advanced, affordable wireless intercom systems on the market. Call our team today to learn more and to get a quote on a system. We look forward to telling you more about the advantages of these systems for your business!