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Thanks to FieldLocate, We Can Guarantee Locksmith Same Day Service


Locksmithing is in antiquated trade, no question about it. When people think of a locksmith, they think of keys and locks and guys who “tinker” with small parts. It’s a common misconception in our industry. However, over the years, the companies that survived, are the ones who adapted with the times and technology and made an assertive effort to embrace trends in the industry. Keys and locks still exist and most people still use them on their home, but there are NUMEROUS products out there that eliminate the need for them entirely. Here at The Flying Locksmiths, we love these products! Hey, if it makes life a little easier, why not? Personally, I have a new Arrow Revolution code lock on the back door of my house, simply because I can leave my keys in my car and don’t have the fiddle with them, when carrying in groceries. It’s affordable an easy.

We didn’t just embrace the new tech in regards to locks though. For years, our company worked on a paper system for dispatching. We would have to gather information every time someone called, even if they were a repeat customer. Papers would get lost or thrown out by accident, leaving customers angry and unsatisfied. So, we needed a change. We needed to improve our systems, so that our customers had a more reliable and EASIER solution. That is why we are running a new dispatch system called Field Locate.

locksmith same day service 2Field Locate is very easy for us to use, but has some cool features you can take advantage of, next time you call for locksmith same day service.

For starters, we have your information right in front of us, when you call. If you had scheduled a job with us last month, we have all the information from that call, including phone numbers, email address and even photos of the work we did. This is an extremely valuable piece of information, because we can make sure to match the appropriate colors, key-ways and specs for a different door, or we know what you need if the unit needs to be replaced. It will eliminate the need to send a tech out to do a survey and get the job done even quick! Which is part of the reason we can now guarantee locksmith same day service to all customers.

Aside from the photo feature, our new automated system will send you a SMS text message as soon as one of our locksmiths starts heading to your facility or home. You will also get an email, but we felt a text was more realistic because not everyone is constantly monitoring their emails. This has been invaluable to our service and our customers. We realize that things come up and plans change, that’s just part of life. Maybe you forgot to call the locksmith to reschedule your appointment? No big deal anymore. You can just reply to the number on the text and set a later date! We will just move on to our next call and reschedule your work for a more convenient time.

Finally, the last and probably most crucial aspect of our new software: better time windows. With our old system, it was very difficult to give our customers an accurate time window. In fact, most of our bad reviews are in regards to our tidiness. So, we listened to the feedback and ran with it. Field Locate will allow us to block off time for larger jobs, so our whole crew is more aware of how long our technicians will be on certain sites. Now, we can look and see that a tech is going to be tied up most of the morning and we can relay that information when we are scheduling a job.

We feel by improving these basic concepts, our customers will find our locksmith same day service, much more reliable and user friendly. If you have used our services in the past, or you need a locksmith, TODAY, just give us a ring or schedule through our website. We will get there on time, you will know when we are coming and next time you call we will have your information ready to go!


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