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Do you have what it takes to be a TFL Super Hero?

When it comes to the fine art of locksmithing, it can be easy to associate your local technician, with an out of this world super hero. They swoop in, during your most dire moment of need, to use their special powers to remedy whatever sticky situation you have gotten yourself into. And when they aren’t saving the day, they are securing this worlds peace by installing the most advanced form of security and keeping you safe from the bad guys. Our technicians at The Flying Locksmith have shown their prowess, every time they zoom in with a “Buzz Pilot” on their roof, but when we look at the world of superheroes there are simply those that would not make the cut on team TFL.

Being a locksmith you need patience, and you must know how to keep your cool. Imagine the Incredible Hulk trying to re-key a cylinder and dropping all the top pins inside a cylinder. Bruce Banner one minute and the Hulk the next! Pandemonium would break out and instead of fixing problems, you are left with a path of destruction. HULK SMASH! Incredible strength might break through your standard door, if you’re locked out, but that’s as far as the Hulk will get you.

Electric strikes are a “key” component, of various card access, intercom, and video systems. Our superheroes are trained to work on all kinds of low voltage strikes, whereas Aqua man might simply fry out the whole neighborhood. Aquaman would not be able to guide his customer, through the process of quoting and installing from start to finish. He would need someone to middle man that process in order to avoid “shockingly” bad results, whereas the Flying Locksmith will install the strike, run the wire, mount the readers,  or intercom, adjust the door closers and remedy the locks! And while he may be the oceans symbol of a superhero, here on land he would just be a fish our of water.

When crisis hits and the screeching sounds of Detex alarms will not disarm, look no further to your team at The Flying Locksmith. A Detex alarm can be found on just about any door, that aims to let you know when there is an emergency or simply when someone is coming and going. Try to send the Daredevil in to change a battery and you will find a disoriented and powerless man to fight your battle. Daredevil biggest downfall is his inability to work through noise pollution, so when our customers are looking for someone to shunt an alarm, change a battery, or install a new Detex device, call our superheroes!

This a people business and here at The Flying Locksmith we aim to build lasting relationships and provide the ultimate customer service experience. Dr. Manhattan may be one of the most powerful super heroes ever known to man but his distaste for humanity makes him a poor locksmith. We think of ourselves as problem solvers and call a job well done when we have happy customer. You don’t stay in business for over 70 years without having a passion for life.

You biggest protection from the evils out there is simply the door to your business. Here at The Flying Locksmith we will hang, adjust, and fix all the components to your door, including replacing it completely. We are your one stop door shop, no matter what color or material you will require your door to be. The Green Lantern would have to call you beforehand to ensure your door has no hints of yellow, which many wooden doors have. His intergalactic ring gives him the powers to virtually conquer the world, but a flash of yellow can leave him useless, and that is the last thing one needs when taking care of your family’s main threshold against the elements.

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