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COVID-19 Solutions

Covid-19 is impacting every aspect of our lives and will reshape the manner in which you operate your business. Limiting physical contact with hard surfaces, rethinking the flow of customers or employees in a building, and upgrading access control technologies will be necessary considerations as we enter a post-pandemic world. The Flying Locksmiths offer unique and scalable solutions to assist businesses of any size. Managing your points of entry with hands-free, secure technologies will help keep your customers and employees safe by minimizing the risk of viral exposure. Contact us today to learn more about how our access control solutions can help keep your business safe and minimize the spread of Covid-19.

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Biometric Access Control

The Covid-19 pandemic will reshape many aspects of our lives, including how we design and operate our businesses. Something as simple as entering a building is made exponentially more complicated with the lack of suitable testing to protect the health of you, your employees, and your customers. Thanks to advancements in access control capabilities, there is screening assistance available.

Automatic Door Inspection and Maintenance

Part of properly securing your business is making sure your automatic doors close and function the way they should. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers recommends that business owners inspect automatic doors daily and have a professional perform an automatic door inspection at least once a year. The Flying Locksmiths are here to handle the inspection and maintenance of all of your automatic doors to ensure they are in peak working order.

Camden Controls SureWave CM-330

Convenience, containment, and compliance are the main focuses of the SureWave touchless access control system by Camden Controls. Focused on reducing the spread of germs with its touchless entry, the Sure Wave system is one of the top motion-sensing door switches on the market.

Hands-Free Door Hardware

Doors and handles can be touched thousands of times per day. Each contact increases the likelihood of viral transmission and can spread deadly diseases such as Covid-19. Limit contact where possible through hands-free door hardware that reduces physical contact with hard surfaces while still allowing seamless access.


Kisi lets you use your phone as a keycard Give your coworkers the flexibility to unlock doors with their smartphones. Or, when necessary, you can issue traditional keycards—it all comes with the benefit of cloud management for you as an administrator.


On a mission to improve convenience and security in the built environment, Openpath creates smart, customizable access control solutions. By combining sleek hardware with cloud-based enterprise software, Openpath enables fast, reliable hands-free entry using the smartphone in your pocket. The completely mobile system makes management easier than ever with encryption at every level and patented Triple-Unlock technology for added peace of mind. Openpath is the first and only solution to achieve 94% mobile adoption.


Upgrade the entryways to your business with the help of The Flying Locksmiths and our advanced cloud-based access control systems. We carry the latest technology to help make your life easier and more secure, including the PDK IO. A full cloud-based access control system, the PDK IO system allows you to effortlessly manage access to your business, no matter where you are.


ZKTeco focus on Biometrics of fingerprint, face recognition, finger vein and iris recognition, provides products of time attendance, access control, and other biometrics.