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Your First Line Of Defense

A deadbolt installation is your main line of defense against intruders. They can make the difference between your house being burglarized, or the thief moving on. Sometimes, just having a deadbolt installation, is enough to deter a criminal. But do you have one on every exterior door? If you answered no, you could be at risk! Criminals look for weak points and capitalize on them. So, why invest in a cheap lockset from a hardware store? Why put $10 locks on a $300,000 home? It just doesn’t make sense. Let a professional locksmith get you setup with a high quality deadbolt installation, that you won’t find anywhere else!

Most of us leave in the morning, without even locking the deadbolt. It’s easier and faster to just pull the door shut and leave the doorknob locked: we’ve all done it! The problem with this, is that a doorknob uses a “latch” to lock the door. It’s a spring loaded piece of medal and springs are easily broken. Often times, they can be opened with a screw driver and little force. A deadbolt will throw a large metal bolt into the frame, that can not be pushed or forced back,like a latch can. The only way past a deadbolt, besides lock picking, is by physically kicking the door in until the frame breaks. This will result in a lot of noise, which thieves and burglars ten to avoid.