Door Alarms

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Stand Alone and Hardwired Door Alarms

Door alarms are essential to locations with multiple fire exits and a room occupancy over 50. They are also useful to prevent unauthorized egress, from a back or side door, without having to constantly monitor it. For an example, many retails locations will use a stand alone door alarm on a back door, to prevent someone from walking out the back with merchandise. Anytime the door is opened, the Detex device will sound, unless the authorized key (or code) is used to “shunt” the alarm and bypass the noise. It’s a very useful device, in terms on preventing someone from exiting unnoticed, and comes in a variety of options that will fit on almost any existing door. If you are in retail, health care, a school system or government buildings, you will most likely need to have these units installed, repaired or replaced and The Flying Locksmiths would love to help!

One of the most common questions that we are asked, about door alarms, is how to change the batteries. It’s not a complicated procedure, but can be difficult to explain over the phone. In hopes of better serving our customers, here is a video demonstration on how to change the batteries, on one of the most common models.

For more videos on other devices, please visit Detex’s Website or just give us a call. We are here to help!