About Exit Devices: Panic Bars & Crash Bar Solutions

In the bustling world of business, ensuring the safety of employees and customers is paramount. One crucial aspect of this is having the right hardware on emergency exit points. Specifically, an exit device plays a pivotal role in providing quick egress during unexpected situations. These devices, often referred to as panic mechanisms, must be impeccable in their functionality. Whether it's a panic trim, push bar, or a more comprehensive door setup, the right hardware must be in place and fully operational all the time.

Commercial Exit Devices and Panic Devices

The Flying Locksmiths stand as industry leaders in this domain. We specialize in a wide range of exit devices tailored for different doors. From rim exit systems to varying models of panic mechanisms, our catalog is extensive. Whether you're seeking a single rim setup for a specific door or need a stainless steel lever mechanism for a broader application, our products cater to varied requirements.

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Our expertise isn't limited to just exit devices. Our hardware offerings span across panic systems, push bars, door trim, panic trim, and more. For those in need of a comprehensive kit, we provide solutions that amalgamate various components, ensuring that the door operates seamlessly. Each device, whether a basic latch or a robust stainless steel rim, is designed with optimal usage in mind.

At The Flying Locksmiths, our dedication transcends just providing products. With over 70 years of experience in the realm of commercial locksmith services, our legacy speaks volumes. We've equipped countless doors throughout the United States with the best hardware, ensuring not only optimal functionality but also compliance with Fire Code Safety laws. Our expertise in doors, combined with our understanding of exit device intricacies, means that whether it's a repair, replacement, or a new installation, we execute it with unparalleled precision.

If your business demands top-of-the-line hardware, whether it's an exit device, panic system, push bar, or any related door component, The Flying Locksmiths stand ready to assist. Our commitment to quality, combined with our extensive knowledge of door and exit mechanisms, guarantees safety, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Commercial Door Hardware Products & Resources

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Exit Device & Panic Bar Hardware Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of security and safety, The Flying Locksmiths proudly present a gamut of advanced panic and exit device solutions. These devices aren't just top-tier in quality; they can operate as standalone units or impeccably integrate with your current hardware or access control system.

Let's delve deeper into the state-of-the-art offerings:

  • Panic Bars: The quintessential device for immediate exit during emergencies, ensuring a swift and safe evacuation.
  • Standard Panic Bar: A reliable model designed to meet a variety of doors and applications.
  • Auto Re-locking Exit Devices: Once the door is accessed, these devices ensure that the door re-secures itself, enhancing safety measures.
  • Exit Door Locks and Panic Hardware: Dedicated hardware that seamlessly integrates panic functionalities with robust locking mechanisms.
  • Fire & Safety Code Compliant Hardware: Safety is our priority, and these devices adhere strictly to fire and safety regulations.
  • Vertical Rod Exit Devices: Designed for doors that require top and bottom locking without a central latch point.
  • Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices: These offer the same functionality as standard vertical rod systems but are hidden, providing a cleaner aesthetic for your doors.
  • Rim Exit Devices: Mounted on the surface of the door, these rim devices offer reliable security and easy access.
  • Mortise Exit Devices: These devices are integrated into the door itself, offering a flush design and heightened security.
  • Electrified Exit Devices and Panic Hardware: A fusion of electronic and mechanical features, these devices enhance both accessibility and security.
  • Cross Bar Exit Devices: With a horizontal bar mechanism, these ensure easy egress during emergencies.
  • Integral Exit Devices: Unified devices that combine multiple functionalities for enhanced door security.
  • Delayed Egress Exit Devices: These provide a brief delay before allowing exit, often used in high-security areas.

Furthermore, our array includes specialized devices such as the electrified panic bar, which stands as a superior alternative to electric strikes or magnetic locks when the situation demands. The crash bar is another innovative device that we have in our repertoire, tailored for doors facing high traffic.

Our Physical Security Specialists, backed by extensive experience, have access to this vast spectrum of exit devices. From a standard panic bar to a steel-enforced vertical rod panic bar, they meticulously analyze each scenario to recommend the best fit for your door's requirements. Whether your needs lean towards a commercial exit panic bar, an electrified variant, or any other specialized device, The Flying Locksmiths stand poised to deliver excellence.

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Grasping the essentials of an exit device and the related terminology is paramount, particularly when striving for adherence to Fire & Life Safety Codes. For many, the understanding of an exit device on a door might seem straightforward, but its history and significance are profound. Although exit mechanisms have been in existence for ages, their widespread mandate on doors wasn't until after calamitous incidents resulted in the tragic loss of numerous lives. These incidents spotlighted the dire need for safe egress in commercial buildings, especially in spaces with substantial occupancy.

While many use terms like “crash bars”, “exit device”, or “panic devices” interchangeably, it's imperative to note that based on context, these might denote varied mechanisms. Fundamentally, there are three primary categories of exit mechanisms: touch bars, cross bars, and integral devices. These can further be classified into four distinct types tailored for different doors: Rim, Mortise, Surface Vertical Rod, and Concealed Vertical Rod. The rim type, for instance, is affixed on the outer edge of the door, providing a robust and easy exit mechanism, often crafted in durable steel.

The complexity might seem daunting, but choosing the right exit device is largely influenced by the specific door in question. It might be a steel door requiring a heavy-duty rim mechanism, or a more intricate door system necessitating a concealed rod. Regardless, our Physical Security Specialists are ever-prepared to guide you in making an informed decision, ensuring that every exit point on your door not only conforms to safety standards but also meets your individual needs.