Hospital Lockdown Solutions

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The ability to lockdown the hospital is critical in an emergency situation.

Hospitals are in need of security now more than ever before and today’s technology can help with making certain all are safe 24/7. Our HIPPA compliant locks safeguard patient data with date and time audit trail and protect hospital staff, patients, medical records, medication storage areas, expensive equipment and restricted areas with ease. Our locks are equipped with a privacy button that allows hospital staff to feel secure in sleeping rooms, file rooms, single occupancy restrooms, dressing rooms and executive offices while locking out unauthorized users.

Our solutions can provide continuous observation for at-risk patients with ADA compliant ligature resistant locking solutions and other Behavioral Healthcare Solutions from Securitech. Patient Wandering Solutions from Stanley Healthcare help Assisted Living Facilities to protect their residents and patients.  Call us for an assessment of your facility and a proposal to protect and secure your facility.