Master Key Systems

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One Key For Every Door

What is a Master Key System and how does it benefit business owners? The answer is simple: key control and ease of use. Without incurring the cost of replacing any hardware, we can rekey your existing locks, so that one key works everything! That doesn’t mean that everyone has the same key either. Master Key Systems can be created with different levels, allowing an owner and/or manager to have a Grand Master that operates every door. Meanwhile, an office employee or staff might have just one key that only works their individual office or work space. Employees in the warehouse may only have keys that operate specific doors in their part of the building and not to the office area.

By implementing a Master Key System at your workplace or office, you will be restricting access to points of entry where certain employees should not be allowed to go. This ensures that supply closets stay locked, back doors are not opened unless authorized and your documents and supplies are safe and only accessed by the correct people. Many of our customers will create these systems on a high security keyway as well. This ensures that keys are not being duplicated with authorization, allowing business owners and managers to keep track of every single key that has been issued. It’s very easy to implement and our trained staff will do a complete walk through with you in order to get it setup correctly.

Visit our page on High Security Keys to learn more about the services we offer and how a High Security Master Key System can really benefit your business.