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Next Day Padlocks – Guaranteed

The options available while selecting a padlock are truly extensive! You can specify body size, shackle size, color, key operation, combo operation, weatherproofing, and many other features and uses depending on your specific needs or the application. A trained padlock locksmith can give you padlocks that work on an existing key, so you don’t have to carry around an additional key. They can also provide many padlocks keyed the same, limiting the need for multiple keys. Residential customers can even have padlocks, keyed to their current house key, eliminating the need for a separate key for the shed or garage.

Our distributors keep everything nearby and in stock, so if it’s not in our showroom, we will have it next day, keyed up and ready to go – thanks to a partnership with Clark Secuirty Products in Woburn, Massachusetts. We also offer different types of locker padlocks, high security padlocks, and even digital padlocks, that can be monitored from a remote location! Some of the many brands you will find at our locksmith shop include Master Padlocks, Abus Padlocks, American Padlocks, Sesamee and many more! Stop by and talk to our trained locksmith staff. We will happily go over your best options and get you setup the way you want! Also click play on the video below to learn more about Multi-Locks GPS enabled padlock. It’s incredible!