School Safety Lockdown Solutions

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A large selection of lockdown supplies and equipment for safer school lock downs.

School security is one of the greatest and most challenging responsibilities facing administrators, teachers and the community today. With incidents rising at an alarming rate, schools have become one of the highest at-risk environments for live shooters and violence. Schools require a new kind of response to security and we can help provide that security with responsive, intuitive, and cost-effective solutions like BEST SHELTER, ALARM LOCK TRILOGY, and other electronic access lockdown solutions. The solutions can be manual or digital and can incorporate push-button locking from a teacher’s desk as well as administrator controlled campus-wide systems. These solutions are all scalable and have a tiered approach. A custom solution can be designed to fit the needs of any facility. We can also provide a school’s Vulnerability Audit to determine exterior protection, interior protection, and interior locking needs.