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Advanced programming capabilities and access methods.

VIZpin lets you provide convenient, secure access to anyone with the Vizpin SMART app at the click of a button. Users simply download the app, register, and you can send them VIZpin keys that work 24/7 or on a designated schedule. Managing VIZpin in an easy-to-use portal requires no special training and because it’s cloud based, the latest features are automatically available to you. The system controllers have built-in, long range Bluetooth readers so they can be mounted out of site, away from vandals and the elements. You can grant access anywhere, anytime without having to worry about cards, FOBS or remembering PIN numbers-your phone does it all. It works even when networks are unavailable. It is inherently more secure because every VIZpin smartphone credential is heavily encrypted and works without connecting to your local network eliminating the possibility of data hacking.

Watch how you everyone can use a smartphone as the key!