About The Owners

Diego Rosas and Edna Hicks have been in the service industry for over 30 years combined. Focusing on the needs of their clients and constantly exceeding their expectations, has always been their primary goal. Along with their unsurpassed devotion to customer satisfaction, Diego and Edna have a desire to educate communities on the importance and improvement of physical security. It is with this attitude and desire that they have embarked on a new mission together with The Flying Locksmiths, to bring forth a new level of service to the industry and to bring about a realization that we need to live in a more secure environment.

About Our Location

Tampa is a major business center which is growing every day. In fact, several Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered in the metropolitan area. Finance, retail, healthcare, insurance, shipping by air and sea, national defense, professional sports, tourism, and real estate all play a vital role in the area. Along with its growing businesses, it’s also known for its museums and other rich cultural offerings.

As a member of the Tampa community, The Flying Locksmiths-Tampa Central will be able to implement efficient lock and security features that will ensure the safety and continued success of the metropolitan and surrounding areas.