The “Key Player of the Month” – July


In the TFL Locksmith Franchise world, the unicorn that is an owner/technician is very rare. One who can run the schedule, pay the invoices, and install a continuous hinge. Someone who can do it all, and that someone is Long Islands very own Bruce Coners. No matter what scope of work is thrown his way, Bruce accepts it, with a smile and makes it work. A family man who just saw his daughter get married, he is someone at the home office who we all feel a special bond with. When I asked his co-owner/business partner Joe Perillo his thoughts on Bruce, his sentiment reflected how we all feel here at TFL, that it doesn’t get better than Bruce!

Bruce wears two hats at TFL Long Island.  He is my business partner as well as being our lead locksmith.  He brings a can-do attitude to all his work and is always looking to learn new aspects of the business.  He gets great satisfaction out of solving problems for our customers and in building strong lasting relationships with our customer base.  He is consistently focused on establishing a reputation for prompt reliable service at a fair price and being someone who can arrive and fix almost any problem.  He greatly enjoys working with the rest of the TFL team”- Joe Perillo

Everyone take a moment and get to know one of our Key Players of the Month Bruce Coners!

How did you find yourself in this trade?

A good friend of mine for thirty plus years , retired from his job and decided to look into franchises. I told him I would be interested in moving out of construction, having run my own company for over 30 years, and into a franchise. We looked at many and picked TFL.


What is the one tool in your truck that you cannot work without?

I don’t know if I can pick just one.


Where is your favorite place to vacation?

The Caribbean. My wife and I like secluded beaches away from The crowds. Antigua, Virgin Gorda, and St. Lucia come to mind.

Biggest misconception about locksmithing ?

For us and TFL, it’s that we just work on locks and Keys. We do so much more, that the term “Locksmith” is limiting. We do anything and everything on the door, including card key access, door closers, automatic openers, safe work, display cases, etc.


What about your branch makes your team successful?

We have a large concentrated area of businesses in the NYC metro area. We are already successful less than year in business, and haven’t even scratched the surface of all the potential that is here in this area.


If you had to eat one thing every day for lunch what would it be?

Couldn’t do it!!


Is there a service that you prefer to do over another? Rekeying make your day?

For me personally, being a contractor for thirty years, all the locksmithing stuff is new and interesting. I’m enjoying learning a new industry and am shocked at all there is to know and learn. I enjoy all of it.


In another life you were a …..

A Chiropractor…..crack, crack… Fifty dollars please.


Something you want your customers to know about you?

I am hung up on quality work. I’ve done that in construction and will continue to do it at TFL. Problem solving is also a strong point.


Favorite beer to crack once you’re done with a day?

A good pilsner, or lager. I’m not into IPA’s


Tell us about your family? Any junior locksmiths in the family?

My wife and I live on Long Island, Raised four kids here, three boys one girl. My daughter just got married on Memorial Day weekend. Three of them live in Boston now, one in California, But he, the oldest and the one in CA, is coming back In late fall to work for me and become a locksmith. I’m over the moon excited.


How often do people beep at the buzz on top of the van?

Many times each day. People stop and take pics, I’ve even had an older guy that was a advertising exec spend about 20 minutes raving about how great the van looked.


What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

I have an old farm in upstate NY. I love to go up and cut firewood.


What’s your favorite genre of book or movie?

Action/Adventure. Star Wars type or Top Gun type movies.


What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

Buenos Aires, Argentina. My daughter did a study abroad semester there and my wife and I went to visit here.


What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?


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