The “Key Player of the Month” – May


In the ever-turning world of the flying Locksmiths, it is our field technicians who keep the wheels spinning every day. They are the spokes and gears on the bike that propel our business forward. They are the feet hitting the pavements to see every job completed, and it is through their talent and skills we can call ourselves the best. With over 100 techs working the red, black and white, we are fortunate to have different levels and years of experience.

Down in San Antonio it is Gene Rodriguez who has earned the title “Key player of the Month”. Always a happy voice on the phone and an eager drive to make every job work, he is a colleague every dispatcher enjoys giving a ring to.
“Gene is a special person. He truly loves his job and being a part of The Flying Locksmiths. He takes personal pride in every job that he does – no job is too big or small. He is a team player and a joy to work with – he is family!” – Deb Breen , Owner San Antonio TFL

Take a moment to get to know Gene better!
How did you get into this field?
I just fell into it. I answered an ad in the paper. I enjoy solving security problems.
Any pets?
Yes. 2 dogs
Is there a service that you prefer to do over another? Rekeying make your day?
Access control work and safe work.
How do you prefer to travel, plane, boat or train?
Hot air balloon. JK. Plane
If the apocalypse was happening tomorrow which lock would you use to protect yourself?
Not a lock but a SC11 door.
In another life, you were a ……
I was a pitbull.
Why do you think the Flying Locksmiths is a step above the rest?
Because we have the best locksmiths.
How often do people beep at you or stop you with that Buzz on top of the van?
Favorite tool in the van and why?
I am my best tool.
Something you would like your customers to know about you?
That I really do care about their safety.
If you could only eat one thing for lunch every day what would it be?
Italian food
Could you survive a week without your cellphone?
Nope. I need my cell phone.


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