Installing A Keyless Lock


installing a keyless lock

Once in awhile, a new lock comes along that changes the game. One such lock was the Ilco-Unican. It was a simple, mechanical, lock, that gave users the ability to enter a code to gain access to a door. It was durable, simple to install and lasted a long, long time. And when they did break down, they were completely serviceable. Locksmiths loved them and end users specifically requested them. Chances are, you have probably used one at work or in an office somewhere. They looked something like this:

Well, there is a new sheriff in town; The Arrow Revolution.

If there was ever a more perfect and modern replacement for the Ilco-Unican, we never found it. The pictures themselves, speak volumes. It’s just a better looking, for asteically pleasing locking mechanism. In fact, this has become our “go to” lock for anyone looking for code access, without all the bells and whistles of audit trails and full card access programming. Here are some of the features of the Arrow Revolution, we find to be most appealing:

  1. The Way it Looks. You can not deny that this particular lock looks sleek and
  2. 255 individual user codes. You could give out keys to every employee and pay to have the locks changed every time someone leaves. Or, give them a code and erase it when they are gone. You would recuperate your money after 3 employee terminations.
  3. Voice guided programming. No need to find the pamhphlet when you DO need to change a code. Enter your master code and the lock will literally walk you through the programming.
  4. Durability. We have installed quite a few of these now. They hold up extremely well and work well even if it’s freezing cold outside.
  5. Ease of use. The revolution is so easy and convenient, we installed them on our houses. And you know, if a locksmith puts it on their own home, you can feel confident putting it on yours.
  6. Price point. This unit lists for $504.95 + tax. The deadbolt and residential grade versions are a little bit less, but still very good units. It’s actually listed less than the Ilco-Unican and is a better lock!

So, why wait to join the rest of us in the keyless entry world? It’s not as unrealistic as you might think. No more copies or fiddling with keys. They only reason you would need keys is for operating cars, but even that ideal is changing. Enter a code and walk on in…

Join the revolution and go keyless.


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