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Trained Locksmiths – The Key to Proper Door Security:


In order to do a job well, it’s important – and necessary-  to have the individual performing the work qualified and knowledgeable in their respective field. For Locksmiths, this is particularly true. Here at The Flying Locksmiths, all of our trained locksmiths are accredited through ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) and all must pass a stringent testing procedure,  administered by our lead locksmiths.


Our goal is to provide a level of service that is seamless between technicians. The quality of our workmanship should not be altered, depending on which trained locksmith is dispatched to your facility. By ensuring that all our locksmiths are capable of handling different applications, we are able to send the nearest technicians to you, instead of someone with a certain specialization. This means our response time is better and our trip charges are lower!

Our corporate training covers topics ranging from locks and keys, all the way to Card Access installation and proper use of company software and features. Our main goal is to be an interchangeable unit, that is efficient and ready to help our loyal customers regardless of time of day or scope of work.

Trained locksmiths are not only the reason jobs are done properly and within budget, but they also help to identify and locate potential problems that could cause damage later on. For example, our trained locksmiths are taught to check the entrance of any facility they enter for door closers that may be leaking hydraulic fluid or disconnected. It only takes a few seconds to spot, and having them repair the problem while onsite, will save another service call or even an emergency call. This is a very crucial part of our training. By identify lingering issues or problems, our trained locksmiths can make sure that everything on the door is functioning properly, without relying on you to identify those issues.

Aside from the technical “know-how” our training program is geared to provide top notch customer service. Our trained locksmiths will always identify themselves when entering a building and behave in a manner expected in today’s corporate world. They are trained to clean up any mess they made, be patient and work around your schedule, while treating everyone with courtesy and respect. Time is a valuable commodity, and as a service provider, no one knows that better than us! We make sure to use your time effectively, by identify your needs quickly, resolving the problem and getting you back to your work.

If you need a locksmith anywhere in the US, call The Flying Locksmiths and experience a level or service unparalleled in the industry. You won’t be disappointed.




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