Access control device with touch-less phone access ability.

Access Control Brand Guide (Kisi, Brivo, and VIZpin)

Access Control Brand Guide (Kisi, Brivo, and VIZpin)

Keeping your business safe is always a top priority, and there are plenty of new options on the market today to control access to the interior of your business that goes far beyond a traditional lock and key. However, it can be a complex and confusing world of brand names and choices if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This quick access control brand guide will give you the “Who’s Who” of door access control systems.


At its most basic, door access control is meant to keep people out of (or inside) a specific area in your home or business. This could include everything from a swipe card, keypad, physical key or advanced authentication like thumbprints or retinal scans for higher security applications.

Components of a door access control system include:

  • Entry devices that control how you enter the secure location (these can be installed as a touch-free solution amid current pandemic concerns)
  • Exit devices that manage how individuals exit
  • Locking devices to secure the door
  • Software to control the overall system


It’s important to note that different brands have a focus on specific needs, which leads to a broad spectrum of choices on the market. Pros and cons for the top brands may help you determine which option best fits your needs:


Pros: Offers multiple system credentials as well as biometric credentialing options, coverage for unlimited doors, and unlimited users.

Cons: Does not offer a control panel system, only IP-based. Also, doesn’t have an online training center and only offers video tutorials.


Pros: A full suite of training including onsite, online and video tutorials, coverage for up to 1,000 doors, and unlimited total users. Mobile access and visitor management included. Also, offers mobile phone credentials.

Cons: Only an IP-based system available, and does not include biometric credentialing.


Pros: Cloud-based portal that supports easy mobile access for a variety of different access points, Bluetooth encryption is nearly impossible to hack, secure web portal for cost-effective key management on the go. Offers full training courses and live tech support for partners.

Cons: Does not offer biometric credentialing or in-person training.

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