Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks improve door security with the added convenience of being able to control the door lock from anywhere, at anytime, increasing security and turning your door into a smart door. We'll help guide you to the best locks for your specific access control needs.


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About Smart Locks

At The Flying Locksmiths, our mission is to provide high-quality security services to business owners throughout the country. Every member of our team of certified, experienced locksmiths is proficient in a wide range of security techniques and technologies, and we work with every customer to design a comprehensive security solution that perfectly suits their unique needs, from smart lock door lock installation to advanced biometric access control.

Smart Lock Access Control Installation

Installing traditional lock & key hardware has been the gold standard in security for centuries, and still provides an effective method for home and business security – but they’re far from the only option.

Need Help Choosing a Smart Lock?

Better Security, Unmatched Convenience

Opening your door with your smartphone is no longer an idea from science fiction. Smart locks harness advanced digital security technology to make the process of entering your home or business more convenient while improving your security. Instead of a traditional lock and key, smart locks use a variety of techniques – commonly via smartphone apps or pin-codes – to easily and conveniently grant access to a door. After installing a smart lock, all you need to do to lock or unlock the door is open the app (after the app setup) and press a button – and you never have to worry about losing your key, locking yourself out, or having a key stolen from you.

The Flying Locksmiths are proud to offer our customers a variety of options and brands for smart locks. We’ll send an expert locksmith to your home to install the lock, and they’ll happily walk you through everything you need to know to use the lock and keep your home safe and secure. You can even purchase the lock yourself and have our Physical Security Specialists install it for you. We centuries of combined experience, our crews have seen almost every type of technology available and will get your specific smart lock installed correctly, so it operates smoothly and is not binding or causing a potential security risk.

Choosing the Right Smart Lock

Smart locks are a modern, convenient, and effective solution for residential and business security. However, choosing the right smart lock for your particular needs can be challenging. There are more options available than ever before and new smart locks are being introduced every year. So, where to start? While The Flying Locksmiths are fully capable to install and service any smart lock – here is a video of one we recommend – but check out our Blog post for some of the top technician-tested smart locks on the market. Read the Blog: Best Smart Locks For Commercial Doors

This particular smart lock is great for multi-family properties with apartments and has been proven to be reliable, durable and easy to use/install. Commercial smart locks require a bit more intricacy in terms of what the door will accommodate, so it is best to consult your friendly TFL location to determine what options are available.

Additional Access Control Products & Services

The Flying Locksmiths specialize in the design and implementation of access control and door security systems in buildings or offices by providing secure, convenient and remote access for businesses of any size and industry. From smart cards to smartphones our Commercial Locksmiths and Door Security System Specialists provide the intelligent protection solution.