Rekeying Service: Rekey Locks & Lock Cylinders

A convenient way to save money by changing your keys without having to change the lock


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About Our Rekeying Lock Service

Did you know you can change the keys that operate your business, without having to incur the cost of purchasing a new lock? Lock rekeying is fast, easy and can be done in our vans, or in our shop, by a trained locksmith when it's convenient for you.

Rekey & Door Lock Basics: What is Rekeying?

Lock rekeying is a specialized process in which the lock cylinder's pins are altered, creating a new key combination. This ensures that only a fresh key can operate the lock, rendering the original key obsolete. The rekeying process involves adjusting the key pins inside the cylinder, ensuring they align perfectly with the new key's grooves. Unlike changing locks entirely, rekeying utilizes the same lock assembly but modifies the key cylinder to accommodate a new configuration.

Rekeying Service

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Experts often advise business owners to rekey their locks every few years to enhance business security. Using a rekeyable core and a comprehensive pin kit, the process can be swiftly done by professionals. But when exactly should you consider this?

  1. When your original key is lost or misplaced.
  2. When numerous employees or staff members, over time, have had access to your key.
  3. Following significant changes, like termination of employees or when someone moves on in their career.
  4. During the transition into a new building. Often, previous owners might still have copies of the original keys.
  5. If your key has been with teams like a cleaning company, construction, or anyone else for an extended period.

The lock mechanism, whether it's a deadbolt, lever set, or another type, is crucial for security. It's important to understand that even if you have a "do not copy" warning on your key, it takes merely 30 minutes for someone determined to replicate it. This means your lock's cylinder pins could be at risk every time your key is out of sight. Additionally, elements like the rekeyable pin and the various kits available in the market make the rekeying process more accessible and efficient than ever.

In essence, for enhanced security, especially when it comes to locking mechanisms, consider lock rekeying whenever your keys have been outside of your control. It's not just about changing locks entirely, but adapting and updating your existing lock assembly. The more people who have had access to your locks in the past, the higher the need to employ a rekeying service. Stay proactive, secure, and in control with regular rekey checks.

Benefits of Lock Rekeying

While both lock replacement and lock rekeying have their unique advantages, lock rekeying often emerges as the preferable option in a myriad of situations. Delving deeper into the reasons for choosing lock rekeying over complete lock replacement:

  1. Cost-Effective Solution: Rekeying your lock is generally more economical than a full-blown replacement. Instead of investing in entirely new locks, rekeying requires you to only change the pins inside the lock plug, saving you a significant amount.
  2. Preserve Aesthetic Consistency: By opting to rekey, you get to retain your original locks. This is more than just a cost-saving measure. In many buildings, locks are chosen to match the architectural or design elements. Removing and replacing these locks can disrupt the cohesive look of your business. The potential challenge of finding replacements that align with the aesthetic of your business is also eliminated when you choose to have your locks rekeyed.
  3. Customization: Lock rekeying provides you with the flexibility to configure the locks in your desired manner. Whether you want all locks to be operable with a single key for convenience or have specific configurations in mind, rekeying makes it possible. Using specialized kits, you can have your locks rekeyed to suit your needs, be it for a cylindrical or mortise lock, deadbolt, or any other lock type.
  4. Simplified Process: With the right kit, the process of getting your locks rekeyed is streamlined. You won't have to remove and replace the entire lock assembly, but rather adjust the pins and plug to cater to a new key configuration.

If you're contemplating whether to change locks entirely or simply rekey them, consider the aforementioned advantages of rekeying. Not only is it a cost-effective method, but it also ensures that the integrity and aesthetics of your facility remain intact while giving you the liberty to modify your lock's functionality as per your convenience.