The ability to control who comes in and out of the door, without having to leave a desk, is a luxury most receptionists or office workers would love to have. These systems have so many different features, at various price points, so we are sure to have an option that works for you! Some systems utilize audio only, allowing you to ask the person at the door for his or her credentials. Other systems have fully functional video capabilities, with recording and zooming features, allowing you to capture all activity you want, at the door. E-Mail or call us today for a free quote!

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AiPhone Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems are becoming more affordable, useful and integral to building security. Rather than just talking to someone at a particular door and remotely opening it, now they can actually show the operator who is present outside the door through a video interface! If the door to your business is always locked and your employees are getting up to answer a doorbell multiple times a day - an intercom system can improve that process and allow your employee to open the door remotely, while staying focused on their current task.


ButterflyMX smart intercom allows you to open and manage doors from your smartphones, issue virtual keys for simple visitor access, connect to your PMS and other PropTech amenities, eliminate building wiring and in-unit hardware, and much more!

Home and Office Intercom Systems

Audio & video intercoms are powerful security solutions for businesses and commercial property, and The Flying Locksmiths can install them with ease. Intercom systems allow for two way communication between the person inside the building and the person wanting to enter. Being able to screen people before they enter your home or business keeps unwanted visitors out making it a great security measure along with other locks.