Office intercom system.

What is the Aiphone Intercom System?

Today, an increasing number of business owners are realizing there are many benefits associated with installing intercom systems. One of the leading products in this space is Aiphone intercom systems.

Why Businesses use Aiphone intercoms

Intercom systems are affordable, very useful and a key part of keeping a building secure. The Flying Locksmiths routinely installs many intercom systems manufactured by Aiphone. In addition to the normal intercom functions including audio and remote release, Aiphone intercom systems also offer video capability complete with tilt, zoom and pan functionality.

This type of intercom system can even record the audio and video so the exchange can be viewed at a later time and date. This can come in very handy if you need to find out if your security procedures have been followed correctly. This type of system takes full advantage of your existing network infrastructure without the need for additional wiring or peripherals.

aiphone features

  • Time-based call forwarding
  • Emergency calls by individual station groups
  • Time announcements by group
  • Paging capability
  • Ability to transfer calls to an external phone line
  • Ability to manage separate building systems by a master user
  • Control over the door release from a central location

If you have not yet installed an intercom system at your business, your security level may not be up to par plus you may be wasting both time and money. If you were to install an intercom system that is rich with useful features, you can keep better control over who enters your business while streamlining your operations for more cost-effectiveness.

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