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Types of Intercom Systems

Protect your business and communicate quickly with the help of an intercom system! These systems work by transmitting audio or video from one device to another, usually from the front door to the interior of a building. While intercoms may seem simple, they have changed over the years to accommodate a variety of security needs.

Deciding whether to get an intercom system for your commercial property is simple, but choosing which kind of intercom system is a bit more complicated. Let us tell you about the different kinds of intercoms you can choose from to help you select the right one for your business or other commercial property. Take a look at three different factors to consider when trying to narrow down which intercom to get.

Wired or Wireless

A wired intercom is the most commonly used type because it requires less maintenance or fuss. The initial cost is slightly higher, and it can be more difficult to set up in a building that has already been fully built. On the other hand, a wireless intercom system is easy to install and comes with a more affordable price tag. The lack of wires means you may experience some interference from time to time.

Audio and/or Video

Since intercoms have been around for a couple of decades, you’re probably familiar with their audio capabilities. Intercoms are essential for communicating with visitors or even identifying security threats. They can help you make your business, apartment complex or other enterprise that much safer.

But if audio intercoms are an essential security feature, consider how much more effective your intercom system would be with video capabilities. In addition to hearing a visitor, you can see them and verify their identity. You’ll also be able to ensure that every visitor to your building declares themselves as opposed to silently tagging along with another visitor. Adding video to your intercom system can help transform it from a bare-minimum screening to a state-of-the-art security enhancement.

Stand-Alone or Integrated

These days, intercom systems can be integrated with your access control system, improving both security and convenience. By integrating your intercom with your existing access control system, you can manage it remotely with the touch of a button on your smartphone, tablet or computer, making security a cinch. Front gate entry can also be included in your access control system, allowing you to speak with and see visitors before you use your system to let them through the gate or door.

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