Package delivery man using a video enabled intercom system at a commercial facility.

Advances of Intercom Technology

If you have ever been buzzed into a home or apartment complex, you most likely have had some experience with an intercom system. An intercom system is a two-way communication device that allows individuals from inside a facility to communicate with individuals on the outside. Intercoms are a security device that transmits audio or video to the person inside so that they can screen and decide who they want to let into their home or business facility.


Whether you want to amp up the security at your home or business, or simply avoid unwanted solicitors, an intercom system can help you achieve that goal. Intercom systems are no longer just a buzzer on a door panel. They have become much more advanced over the years, and come in a variety of styles, such as audio, video, and multi-tenant intercom. Added access features and integrated technology allows modern businesses advanced security solutions at their property. Finding the right intercom system is difficult if you don’t understand the technology. Enlisting an expert in physical security is advised when making decisions about a commercial property’s security.


Wireless – Wireless intercom systems are very convenient and intuitive to set up and use. The biggest drawback to them is the lack of range. This can cause interference issues while trying to communicate. For smaller facilities’ security needs, the low price point of a basic wireless intercom makes it a good, functional option.

Wired – Hard-wired intercoms are more reliable than wireless but they require professional installation and are pretty lacking in added features. They can endure lots of wear and tear and (for the needs of a mid-sized office) can be a fantastic investment in facility efficiency and security.

Video – Video enabled intercoms give employees the added ability to visually vet individuals wanting to access their facility. Mixed with the audio connection, these systems are very secure and can be integrated with access control technology to remotely lock and unlock entryways from a standard smartphone. The added features and tight security function make video intercoms a must for many businesses.

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