Master Key Systems

Designing a master key system takes expertise and a lot planning because you can control all doors to a building with one key, and utilize other change keys to open specific groups of doors.


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About Master Key Systems

As a business owner, looking to balance business security with employee access is something that may be of importance. Security is crucial to any business whether big or small and master key systems present a simple and effective solution. As one of the nation’s most trusted commercial locksmiths, we can help set up and install a master key system to improve your security and streamline access to those who need it.

A master key system works by establishing a multi-tiered security framework. As the business owner, you get a “Grand Master” key that opens every lock in the building, but you can give your employees keys that only open specific areas of your business. For example, you could use a master key system to give office workers access to the office but not to the warehouse, whereas warehouse workers have access to the warehouse but not to the office – all while you get access to every door on the property. You can customize your master key system to have as many tiers of “access privileges” as necessary, providing a simple, modular security solution for even the most complex businesses.

Master Key Systems

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Benefits of a Master Key System

In practice, master key systems provide a variety of advantages:

  • Convenience: As the business owner, you only need one key to open every door in the business.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: When you have The Flying Locksmiths install a master key system, we can simply re-key your old locks, preventing you from needing to invest in expensive new hardware.
  • Security: You can design your system to give employees access to only the areas they need, enhancing the security of your business.
  • Efficiency: Because your employees can access the areas they need, your security system won’t get in the way of their productivity.
  • Control: When combined with a high-security lock, a master key system ensures no one will duplicate your key without your express permission.

When you need a master key system design, whether it be a simple two-tiered system, or a complex system with several access tiers, turn to the experienced team at The Flying Locksmiths! Key systems are a specialty of ours, we can recommend the best key system for controlling access to all the doors of any-sized commercial property or type of business.