Card Access Control Systems & Keypad Security Systems For Businesses

From combination keypad locks, to key cards or proximity fobs, we can recommend a keyless access control system to fit the needs and budget of any business


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About Card Access Systems

The use of keypads, access cards, and other access control systems is growing exponentially in popularity. These systems are becoming more and more advanced, while the features become incredibly useful for business owners. Why hand out keys at all? With card access control system installation from Alarm Lock, Biometric (eye and thumbprint) and facial recognition, Paxton and the Arrow Revolution, access can be restricted to a 6 digit combo, key cards or proximity fobs.

Card Access and Keypad Access Control Installation

The Alarm Lock and Paxton systems can even restrict access to certain times of the day and record logs of employees trying to enter after hours! It is truly amazing! These systems can easily be maintained by our staff or we will teach you how to operate them. That way you can periodically make needed, necessary changes.

Need Help With an Access System?

Choosing a card access system can be a daunting task. Determining what keyless entry system is right for you can be overpowering considering the amount of options that have become readily available. In fact, you are often times at the mercy of what your installer knows and is comfortable with – so the actual amount of options you may or may not be presented with, are limited to the exposure of your installer.

At TFL, we know ALOT of card access control systems. With multiple locations across the country, sharing knowledge, feedback and tips – you can rest assured that the options you are presented with have been vetted, tested and approved by professional Physical Security Specialists. Ultimately, the decision is based on the size of your business, your budget, the number of readers you need, and your building’s business objectives.

Here are some questions to consider when choosing your card access or keypad system:

  1. Is the technology behind the system reliable? Electronic access control systems rely on different technologies such as
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others. We all love Wi-Fi, but it does require constant uptime in order to run and the card access system to operate correctly. These are factors you should consider when determining a card access system.
  2. Does the access control system have the ability to integrate with other components of your security system? Consider what you may or may not already have on your building. Are cameras present? Do you have a local alarm? If so, you may want a system that can connect with those cameras/alarm and keep everything tied together. The same would go for intercoms and any existing electronic credentials. Take account for what is already in place and find the card access system that can bring them all together.

Also, here are some other helpful pointers when considering a card access or keypad system:

  • Who will be using the system? Should they be involved in the decision process?
  • Do your employees want badges, proximity cards, bio-metrics or some other kind of credentials?
  • Should cell phones be considered a credential.
  • Do I want the capability to pull activity logs or audit trails?
  • Do I need the capability to remotely lock/unlock all doors in an emergency?
  • Door your doors operate properly?

Card access systems have an amazing amount of features to utilize, but if your doors are not closing and operating correctly – those features are pointless. Before you look into a keyless entry or card access system and invest time/money to upgrade, consider checking all the mechanical pieces of your doors first. It’s like having a a new improved car engine, but no wheels on it.

Additional Access Control Products & Services

The Flying Locksmiths specialize in the design and implementation of access control systems and door security systems in buildings or offices by providing secure, convenient and remote access for businesses of any size and industry. From smart cards to smartphones our Commercial Locksmiths and Door Security System Specialists provide the intelligent protection solution.