About Kisi Access Control

Kisi lets you use your phone as a keycard to access the doors in your facility.

Give your coworkers the flexibility to unlock doors with their smartphones. Or, when necessary, you can issue traditional keycards—it all comes with the benefit of cloud management for you as an administrator.

Kisi Access Control Systems

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We help you maintain control as you expand operations. Adding a new employee is as easy as typing in an email address. You can individualize employee profiles, customize admin accounts, and continue to build a culture of trust. Kisi can automatically on and off-board your users with the tools you’re already using, whether it’s directory integrations or device fleet management.

Modern access control is built on the newest technologies. We’re constantly updating our software and we do it smoothly so you don’t experience any disruptions. We release new features each month and our API is well documented. Create your own solutions, to use with Kisi, as businesses have done before.

Additional Access Control Products & Services

The Flying Locksmiths specialize in the design and implementation of access control and door security systems in buildings or offices by providing secure, convenient and remote access for businesses of any size and industry. From smart cards to smartphones our Commercial Locksmiths and Door Security System Specialists provide the intelligent protection solution.