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Biometric Access Control

Stop The Spread With Body Temperature Screening

The Covid-19 pandemic will reshape many aspects of our lives, including how we design and operate our businesses. Something as simple as entering a building is made exponentially more complicated with the lack of suitable testing to protect the health of you, your employees, and your customers. Thanks to advancements in access control capabilities, there is screening assistance available.

The Flying Locksmiths understand how important a safe environment is to all occupants. Typically entrusted with the physical security of your residential or commercial property, The Flying Locksmiths now provide access control technology to protect your health.

Traditional biometric readers typically rely on the patterns of one’s fingerprint or retina to restrict access. Understanding that extra precautions need to be made in the pandemic world, advancements in biometrics scanners now allow for the screening of certain cofactors of Covid-19 including temperature and the detection of a mask. Newer screening systems are completely touch-free and offer temperature checks of guests up to eight feet away.

Preventing the spread of deadly diseases starts with testing and screening. Restricting access to your facility by a symptomatic individual will help stop viral transmission to other employees, customers, residents, or guests in the building, potentially saving lives.

Stopping the spread of diseases like Covid-19 are vital to the preservation of our society and doing your part to protect your community is crucial. Facial recognition software with biometric screening capabilities ensures that your facility is doing its part to limit the spread of deadly diseases. These systems are perfect for schools, hospitals, senior-living facilities and any business interested in reducing the potential transmission. Proper mitigation and proactive intervention will reduce labor costs and the likelihood of shutdown in the event of outbreak amongst your employees.

Learn more about how The Flying Locksmiths can help you stop the spread with biometric access control with preventative screening technology. From temperature checks to mask detection capabilities, we can help keep your facility safe.


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