Key Fob, Card Access & Keypad Access Systems

Superior business security with modern access control systems. We can provide a single door keyless entry system, or complete door security system to fit your needs and budget.


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About Key Fob Access Control

More businesses are relying on access cards and Key Fobs to enhance their security while ensuring a user-friendly experience for authorized individuals. For many businesses, restricting access to certain areas is essential in order to protect data, supplies and even people. If your commercial security and access system is not currently up-to-par, The Flying Locksmiths will be happy to sit down with you and identify ways in which we can improve it.

Key Fob and Key Card Access Control Installation

Protecting your business if crucial to its success. Ensuring that your employees are able to seamlessly access your facilities and intruders are kept out ensures that your livelihood is protected. As your business grows and attain more success, it’s important that the security for entities increases as well. A great option that many businesses are starting to take advantage of our key fob systems, keypads, and card access.

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Traditional lock and key systems are simply not as secure as key fob and access card systems. By protecting your business with a key fob system, users are issued their own personally-identifiable number which must be used in order to access restricted areas. Additionally, some key fob systems automatically update codes periodically as an added security measure. Electronic access cards are similarly very secure and provide instant access to authorized areas.

Key Fob Systems and Card Access offer a variety of notable benefits, including:

  • Heightened Control: Managers and owners have the power to assign unique codes to employees. This way each employee’s accessibility can be customized to their exact responsibilities.
  • Improved Security: Key fob systems remove the need for keys, which in turn remove the risk of unauthorized duplication of keys or picking of locks. With superior technology, businesses have better security than traditional locks.
  • Ease of Use: Employees and managers don’t need to have a pocket full of keys. With their access code, they can move without having to remember to bring their keys or remember which key goes to which door.

An added benefit of key fob systems is the little need for maintenance. With added security and little maintenance, key fob systems is a security solution for the modern business.

If you are looking for ways to eliminate the awkward and inferior traditional key-and-lock system, a card access or key fob access control system may be the right choice for your business. The Flying Locksmiths has been helping businesses stay secure for over 75 years. We know commercial security and we have a location near you that is ready to help enhance the security of your business.

Additional Access Control Products & Services

The Flying Locksmiths specialize in the design and implementation of access control and door security systems in buildings or offices by providing secure, convenient and remote access for businesses of any size and industry. From smart cards to smartphones our Commercial Locksmiths and Door Security System Specialists provide the intelligent protection solution.