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Whether you are a homeowner or run a commercial business, keeping up with the security on the doors of your property is crucial. The team at The Flying Locksmiths have over 70 years of experience providing comprehensive door services to a variety of clients across the United States, and would love to talk to you. Regardless of what your needs are, if it involves door security, we can help!

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Automatic Door Inspection and Maintenance

Part of properly securing your business is making sure your automatic doors close and function the way they should. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers recommends that business owners inspect automatic doors daily and have a professional perform an automatic door inspection at least once a year. The Flying Locksmiths are here to handle the inspection and maintenance of all of your automatic doors to ensure they are in peak working order.

Door Alignments

A rubbing door is often misaligned, which is a problem that should be fixed right away. If you neglect to have a rubbing door fixed, it could end up damaging the locking mechanism wherein you will need to pay even more to have the door repaired. Maintain the security and longevity of your doors with the help of a physical security specialist at The Flying Locksmiths. If you need to pull up on a door in order to get it to close properly, it is possible that your building has settled over the years, causing misalignment of the frame. Misalignment of doors puts additional strain on hinges and locking mechanisms, putting them at great risk of failure or more susceptible to forced entry.

Door Frames

When it comes to full door replacements and repairs, our team of experts truly know what they’re doing. Unlike other physical security companies that only focus on a few select door services, our experienced team can handle it all - from custom sized steel doors to stainless steel specialty doors and everything in between. Whether you need your door frame and door repaired or you want a full replacement to add elevated security and style to your home or business, let The Flying Locksmiths help.

Door Installation

At TFL, we love doors and we see all kinds! Big doors, small doors, warped doors, sagging doors and completely rusted-out doors. It's amazing how much punishment a door can take and how often they can be neglected. Let's face it, as long as the door is operational - no one thinks much about it. Doors only becomes a priority, when they become a liability. That is the true nature of doors! When your commercial door has experienced damage beyond repair and needs to be replaced, give our Physical Security Specialists a call. We are more than happy to come evaluate your needs. Be it steel, wood, aluminum, etc… we have the doors and hardware to protect or enhance your retail shop, school, or facility.

Door Reinforcement

The number one entry point a burglar will use to gain access to your home is through a door. The Flying Locksmiths offer a simple and effective solution to prevent forced entries. A good secure door and door frame is the first line of defense against home invasions. Solid steel plates and channels physically reinforce the weakest areas of your exterior doors and door frames and can even repair damage caused by a previous break-in.

Door Repairs

Is the door to your facility rubbing against the frame, making it difficult to open? We can rehang that door for you. Was the door damaged, or does it need a new look? The Flying Locksmiths are at your service! Whether it’s a double set of doors, steel door, or commercial glass door, we offer commercial door repair services for all shapes and sizes. As your full-service commercial physical security specialists, we ensure the door closer and locks are taken care of, saving you from calling multiple companies to complete one job. We can rehang existing doors that are tough to open that may be rubbing against the frame making it difficult to open. We can replace the doors, too! It doesn’t matter if it’s a steel door, a commercial glass door, or a double set of doors. We will get it up in running in no time. We will even take care of the door closer and locks while we are there, completing the job from start to finish. Why call multiple companies to solve one problem? We can make it easy and cost-effective by taking care of every aspect of the door for you, quickly and professionally.

Herculite Doors

Get your storefront operating perfectly with a little help from TFL's Physical Security Specialists and their Herculite door repair services. Big, beautiful and made entirely of heavy glass - Herculite doors provide your business with a modern, welcoming look while still upholding the highest security standards. The team here at The Flying Locksmiths are fully trained and carry all the necessary equipment needed to get issues with these specific doors SOLVED.

Metal Door Replacement

Not only does The Flying Locksmiths supply hollow metal doors and frames, we provide all the necessary labor to take down the old one down and install a beautiful new hollow metal door! We can complete a replacement from the frame, to the door, to the door hardware, down to the operating key - with one call and one visit. You no longer need multiple companies because The Flying Locksmiths are your complete Physical Security Specialists. High quality metal doors offer a variety of benefits, which makes it understandable that they are so popular and commonplace. Hollow metal doors offer security, durability, good looks, and fire safety, and they’re used in a variety of places, including residential buildings, commercial locations, and industrial spaces. Hollow Metal Doors provide uniform quality, durability, and security while reducing concerns for weathering that would deteriorate normal wood doors. Our teams live and breathe doors and door related work. If your door is rusted, dragging, bending, sagging, or just flat out not working - our crews can offer same day replacement!

SCIF Doors

The physical security specialists at The Flying Locksmiths are full-service providers of electronic security systems for government, federal, state and local government facilities. Our locksmith technicians are factory trained and certified in the approved methods for opening, repairing, re-certifying GSA containers.

Sliding Glass Doors

The Flying Locksmiths specialize in all forms of physical security, including repair and installation of all types of doors. If you have found that you have a problem with the sliding glass door for your home or business, the Flying Locksmiths can help. Our sliding glass door services are guaranteed to have your door back to working properly, and we can even install new sliding glass door locks in the event you need a replacement. Our goal is to solve your door and lock problems, no matter what they may be.

Storefront & Metal Doors

You work too hard building your business to leave its security in question. Weak or damaged points of entry are an open invitation to burglars, putting your livelihood and safety at risk. No matter what type of door your storefront has, The Flying Locksmiths can help. We provide full storefront and metal door replacement services including onsite measurements, complete estimates, delivery and installation. Whether you’re facing a major security threat or looking to provide your business with a facelift, we provide full-service physical security services in your area. With many locations offering around-the-clock emergency repair services to ensure that your business is protected even when things go wrong. If your storefront door has fallen into disrepair, it is damaged by weather, an accident or tampered with, The Flying Locksmiths are here to improve the security of your business. Contact a location near your today to get started.


Thresholds fit between the bottom of your door and the frame and act as a sealant to the gap that naturally occurs at that particular point in the opening. The primary purpose of a door threshold is to improve energy efficiency by keeping hot/cold air from entering/escaping from the bottom of your door, and to stop rain water from getting into the building. They are an important component of your doors physical security as well and can really improve the look and aesthetics of an entrance way.