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Herculite Doors

Tempered Glass Doors For Your Storefront

Get your storefront operating perfectly with a little help from TFL’s Physical Security Specialists and their Herculite door repair services. Big, beautiful and made entirely of heavy glass – Herculite doors provide your business with a modern, welcoming look while still upholding the highest security standards. The team here at The Flying Locksmiths are fully trained and carry all the necessary equipment needed to get issues with these specific doors SOLVED.

Strength & Durability

Herculite Doors really are some of the most aesthetically pleasing doors you can install for your storefront or commercial retail space. These frameless, full-glass beautiful openings make window shopping seem more like door shopping and they can be found very commonly throughout your local malls – for good reason! Rather than just looking through a window at limited products, Herculite doors allow potential customers to view the entire store/space through these large clear glass.

Herculite doors even provide a multitude of options for customization, including what opening and closing hardware are used, the thickness of the glass, the handle types, different colors or finishes and much more.Visually, it just doesn’t get any better than a Herculite glass door on your storefront. The downside? Repairs are costly and require experienced, dedicated and carefully trained technicians. These special doors are not something a “handy-man” should ever touch – unless you want to see a lot of broken glass!

The Flying Locksmiths know how to tame these beasts – so to speak. While they are a challenge, our Physical Security Speciliasts love a good challnege and have the proper equipment and knowledge to carefully alleviate many of the common herculite related door issues. Herculite doors can be heavy, a bit intimidating to work on and very expensive – so it’s important you trust the locksmiths and door service provider that is working on them. The Flying Lockmsiths have years of experience with Herculite door repairs. This experience will help insure your customers’ are safe, while the door is worked on and will also ensure expediency and a long-term cost effective solution.

Options for Herculite Doors:

  • ¼ in. – 1 in. thickness
  • Multiple styles of locking hardware
  • Brass, chrome, bronze, and other finishes for top & bottom rails
  • Selection of stylish handles
  • Floor Closer repair & replacement
  • Panic Bar options to modify doors to be an emergency exit
  • Refurbish bottom and top rails to re-secure onto the glass to avoid replacement
  • ADA Modifications possible on some styles


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